Enjoy more access to the land near the Colorado River in Grand Junction with the addition of these bridges in the vicinity of Las Colonias Park and the Western Colorado Botanical Gardens. Whereas access used to be limited to the main paved trail, these bridges, and their accompanying paths have opened up entirely new areas to walkers.

You'll find several of these bridges in the vicinity of the disc golf course around Watson Island. Most of these cross minor waterways, some of which are dry for the bulk of the year.

The addition of the bridges opens up several acres of natural terrain to hikers and disc golf players. Many of the former detours have been eliminated in favor of more direct routes.

The bridges themselves are extremely cool. They're almost like something out of Indiana Jones or a Star Wars movie; they're long, no rails to speak of, and narrow. Fortunately, in the unlikely event you fall off, you don't have to plummet hundreds of stories. Your fall will amount to a grand total of about three feet

When you get out in the middle, you can feel the bridge starting to bow from your weight. Okay, so I've put on some pounds in recent years, but these bridges will spring even with a lighter person.

To find this area, head to the parking lot at Las Colonias Park just off the Riverside Parkway and 7th Street. Take the short walk up the hill and you'll see the disc golf course directly in front of you, just past the amphitheater.

Unless you've spent quality time walking around searching for a Frisbee, chances are there's a tremendous amount of terrain in this area you've never seen. Make your way to the south end of town and explore new areas thanks to these awesome additions.