Whether you've been thoroughly studying the candidates and issues or you are procrastinating, time is running out to make your selections and get that ballot in the mail.

Even if you are mailing a letter - or in this case your ballot - to the same city, the US Postal Service says it takes from one to three days to travel from the mailbox to its destination and even that isn't a surefire guarantee.

With that in mind, if the postman is timely, you'll still need to have your ballot in the mail by Saturday for it to be received by the elections office by Election Day. Unlike taxes, postmarked by doesn't count.

To be on the safe side, or if you live in Mesa County but outside Grand Junction zip codes, then make Thursday or maybe Friday your deadline.

Of course, there are other options to getting your ballot in on time including the 24-hour drop boxes or one of the voter service centers, all of which close promptly at 7 p.m on Election Day Tuesday, November 8.