Colorado wildlife officials are seeking support for their proposed idea.

In state Colorado hunting and fishing licenses may go up. Meetings are being held across the state to help drum up support for this plan.

Reports are that Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials have had to slash budgets by as much as $10 million last year alone. Nearly $40 million in the past 7 years. That includes eliminating around 50 jobs.

The plan is a hike in those fees. But, not just a little hike. Talk is of doubling the current price of in-state hunting and fishing licenses. OUCH! Although it has been 11 years since any type of license increase has happened.

The 2016 Colorado hunting fees are as such:

  • Elk, Cow - $49
  • Elk, Bull or Either - $49
  • Deer - $34
  • Moose - $254
  • Pronghorn Either - $34
  • Bear - $44

2016 fishing fees:

  • Annual 16 or older - $26
  • Small Game Fishing Combo - $41
  • Senior Annual - $1
  • One-Day - $9

Without a fee increase, Colorado officials have said that hatcheries would have to be shut down, state lands closed off and a reduction in available hunting licenses.