The state of Colorado just got serious about drinking and driving. And it's going to cost you more than ever.

The new estimated cost of a FIRST time DUI is $13,530.

The NoDUIColorado organization is getting the word out. This time of year is especially prone to drinking and driving.

In 2016 there were 683 Mesa County residents tagged with a DWAI or DUI ticket. The average blood alcohol content was 0.171.

Pretty sure it's not worth it. There are several safe alternatives. Call a cab. Call a friend. Designate a sober driver.

Here is what a NoDUIColorado press release said:

'The financial impact of a DUI is now even higher in Colorado.  The average cost of a first time DUI offense increased to $13,530 in 2016, that’s up nearly a third (32%) from the previous DUI calculation.  The new total comes as holiday parties and celebrations are ramping up, and law enforcement throughout the state is increasing patrols for impaired drivers.'

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