Have you put off taking up a new musical instrument until you can afford the gear you want?  No excuses.  These gifted children from Cateura, Paraguay, fabricated their own instruments with junk procured from the landfill located directly beneath their feet.

One young man named Juan Manuel Chavez, or "Bebi" to his friends, manufactured his cello from an oil can, scrap wood, and remnants of a tool used to tenderize meat. Check out the video below and witness his remarkable talent for not only constructing a cello, but playing it as well.

Speaking as someone who performs music, it seems we can constantly make excuses for our failings, often times blaming our instrument, or "axe" as we like to call them. Some even go so far as to believe their attitude and dedication would improve if only they had a newer, better "axe."  Be sure to check out the video.