Elk Brings Down Helicopter in Utah
Helicopter = 0. Elk = 0. Flight crew = 0. Nobody walked away a winner following Monday's crash in Utah. Fortunately, the two-member crew suffered only a few scratches and bruises when they crashed while attempting to capture an elk in Wasatch County.
Meet Grand Junction's 'Swing City Express'
Do you enjoy Big Band music? Do you consider it a remnant of a bygone era? Are you of the opinion a Big Band is something found only in large cities? It just so happens Grand Junction is home to a such a group. Meet the Swing City Express.
Celebrate This Week's Snow With an Awesome Grand Junction Hike
Western Colorado snow lovers rejoice! It looks like Mother Nature is going to be good to us this week with several days of snow (hopefully). Does this mean we're all going to be stuck indoors? Not likely. Some Grand Junction trails are at their best with new snow. When the weather gets crummy, …

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