We are looking for the most terrifying and scariest horror movie of ALL time. Which one do you choose?

I LOVE a good scary movie. It sure seems like a lot of people do. Not sure why, but getting the bejeesus scared out of you is fun! So, in your mind, what is the BEST horror movie ever made?

There are so many websites out there that have their own ranking systems for the Horror movie genre. I simply went with the first that popped up. It is hitfix.com and began to scroll through what they deem to be the Top 100. Now, I know you don't have time for that, so here are hitfix.com's Top 5:

  • 5) Alien - 1979 
  • 4) Rosemary's Baby - 1968
  • 3) The Texas Chain Saw Massacre - 1974
  • 2) The Shining - 1980
  • 1) The Exorcist - 1973